Welcome to Israel

Ole Peder Giæver has been blogging about his entry to Israel last week.


«What is the purpose of your visit?»

«Where are you going?»

«Ramallah? Why?»

«Roleplaying? What is roleplaying?»

«So it’s like theatre?»

«What is your father’s name?»

«What is your grandfather’s name?»

«You have to wait over there.»

«Ramallah? Why not Tel Aviv? Why not Jerusalem?»

«Roleplaying? What is roleplaying?»

«Who are you with? Write down their names and telephone numbers.»

«These are only four names. You said you were twenty.»

«What is your religion?»

«Agnostic? What is agnostic? You are not a Christian? Muslim?»

«Playing games about love? In Ramallah? But they are muslim. They will kill you.»

«Let me see your itinerary.»

«You have lied to me. You are lying.»

«You are stressed.»

«It’s up to me whether you get to enter Israel.»

«Go wait outside. If there’s anything you haven’t told me, my door is open.»

«What is the purpose of your visit?»

«Roleplaying? What is roleplaying?»

«What is your father’s name?»

«What is your grandfather’s name?»

«You are talking to me now. My colleagues aren’t here.»

«What are you reading?»

«Your books do not interest me.»

«Ramallah? But it is dangerous. They are terrorists.»

«Who are you meeting in Ramallah?»

«What is his telephone number?»

«How much money do you have?»

«What is your profession?»

«You have cut your hair. You had a beard in this picture.»

«Is there anything you haven’t told that you shouldn’t tell me?»

«You are a big problem for us.»

«We brought you food, yes?»

«Go sit and wait.»

7 hours. Three case workers. A new record (for us).

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  1. Anne Grethe

    And your point is?

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